A watercolour apartment building emerges ethereally from a blueprint of the lower part of the building, reaching into the possibility of what it will one day become.

Inspired by the process of creating new spaces, the artist created a mixed-media work compositing and painting an existing image of a building. From the foundations of a blueprint, immerges a watercolour depiction of the future possibilities promised by the building.

Original artwork by Surface Impression (Aedán Crooke) for the Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. The artwork was done using Stock Images by Howard Bouchevereau (Unsplash). 

Town of AJAX

Find out about plans for roads, parks, and other infrastructure projects through the Capital Budget Projects Interactive Map

The Town of Ajax’s Capital Projects Interactive Map helps residents find key information about infrastructure projects, better understand spending plans for their tax dollars, and participate in constructive discussions on community priorities.

The Town of Ajax created a Capital Projects Interactive Map to show locations and details for proposed infrastructure projects, such as roads, parks and other community assets, to make this information more accessible to residents.

The Capital Projects Interactive Map is an application available on the town website, accessible by computer or mobile device/phone. It helps residents visualize capital projects in their neighbourhoods, geospatially and in a way that can be easily digested. Projects are searchable and symbolized by category on the map. Pop-ups outline each project’s details, such as the project number and detailed location information. Users can zoom into their ward and can also toggle between project types.

Although Ajax has had an open data site since 2017, which is updated regularly with new information, they recognized it is not always easy for individuals to navigate, understand, and use data presented in raw or basic formats. Capital project information has been available for several years in static form in the town’s capital budget book, however, the format made it difficult to focus a reader’s attention on the location or particulars of each project.

People want to know how governments spend their tax dollars, and with its Interactive Map, the Town of Ajax is making information about capital projects much easier to find, search through and derive meaning from. Ajax is promoting civic engagement with this easy-to-use online tool that helps residents learn about upcoming projects in their neighbourhoods. Residents are more informed and empowered to participate in constructive discussions and debates with town staff about capital projects, future initiatives, and priorities for the communities in which they live, work and play.